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-Ceramic Products

---Ceramic Bearing and Ball
---Honeycomb Ceramic
---Industrial Alumina Ceramic
---Ceramic Ball
---Pottery Grain Filtering
   Ceramic Grain and Sand filtering

---Ceramic Random Packing
---Ceramic Structured Packing
---SK Series Ceramic Packing
---Molecular Sieves
---Activated Alumina
---Ceramic Belt
---Ceramic Dome Arch (Ceramic Packing support)
---Ceramic Filter Brick and Plate (Micro hole)
    Ceramic Lining Brick and Plate

-Chemical intermediates

---Pharmaceutical Material and Intermediates
---Indole and Indoline
---Fluorobenzene and Others
---Boric Acids

-Chemical Material

1)Calcium Carbonate
---Precipitated (Light) Calcium Carbonate
---Activated Calcium Carbonate
---Fine (Activated) Calcium Carbonate
---Nano Activated Calcium Carbonate
---High-Combined Nano Activated Calcium Carbonate

2) Card-making material
---Water Base Laminating Varnish
---PVC Coated Film
---Individualized PC Film
---Digital Inkjet printing PVC Sheet Series

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