Calcium Carbonate Introduction

    Calcium Carbonate is mainly adopted in Plastics Industry (for example electric wire, electric cable, PVC pipe, PVC film, plastics shoe, shoe sole, leatheroid and other plastics products); Rubber Industry; Dye Industry; Paper making Industry, Printing Industry(for example printing ink etc.); Pharmaceutical Industry and Food Industry.

    With the top-grade equipments and cooperation of the universities and institutes, VIC adopting the advanced craft, producing serial Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, Activated Calcium Carbonate, Fine Calcium Carbonate and Nano Activated Calcium Carbonate. The excellent quality material used t from the own mine and the resources is abundant. The annual quantity of the calcium carbonate series products is 60,000 Tons .

    The characters of products are high white, good fineness, largely surface area , activating rate highly and they are remarkable strengthen agent. They can be used as substitute of the white charcoal black and reduce the quantity of Titanium Dioxide powder etc. Using the products, you can improve the quality of products and reduce the production cost.

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